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Being charged with a DUI in Virginia Beach is an agonizing experience. Attorney James Garrett is ready to help you!

If you’re on our website, you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI in Virginia Beach. You have many questions and fears. We are here to answer your questions and get you through this situation.

If you just want answers to your questions, feel free to browse our site or check out of DUI blog. There is plenty of information here regarding Virginia statutes as well as helpful advice if you’ve been charged with a DUI. If you can’t find an answer to your questions, call us at no charge and with no obligation. If you want us to help, we will.

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The Charge of DUI

An arrest for DUI in the Virginia Beach area is a serious matter. When someone is charged with a DUI, even a first-time offense, there is an immediate and automatic suspension of your driver’s license for seven days. If convicted of DUI in Virginia Beach, the court is required to impose a fine of up to $2500, jail time for up to one year, order alcohol counseling or treatment, suspend your driver’s license for at least one year (even for people licensed out of state), and require an ignition interlock installed on your vehicle for at least six months. If you have previously been convicted of a DUI, even in another state, you can be charged with a second offense DUI or third or subsequent offense DUI, which is a felony, where the potential penalties increase significantly, including mandatory minimum jail sentences.

Our DUI Defense Philosophy

Fight Your Virginia Beach DUI CaseWhen you first meet with a Virginia Beach DUI attorney at Garrett Law Group, PLC, they will evaluate your case and discuss with you each and every issue so that you know your options. You may then make an informed decision about your case.

Our DUI defense lawyers have years of experience and have helped hundreds of individuals charged with DUI offenses in Virginia Beach and the surrounding Hampton Roads area. We understand every aspect of the law, know the courts, and know what evidence must be presented at trial to gain a conviction. When you hire our firm, we will investigate every issue to the fullest to ensure that your rights are protected, and to find any and every defense possible to your DUI charge.

Time Is Of The Essence

This may sound like a cheap sales ploy, but it is true. There are certain statutory procedures where the clock is already running against you! There are certain pieces of evidence that must be requested and motions that must be filed within a specific period of time. If you wait too long, you will be deemed to have waived those rights and lose them.

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